Hi Jay! (boddabing!)

I just wanted to say that Iíve always loved DiLingo, and Iím so glad that
itís found a new home. I donít know about others, but Iíve never considered
it a jokelang at all. It is its own sophisticated artform, filled with
marvels, surprises, and more winding than one finds in a rabbit hole that
reaches down to the land of the Antipodeans. As far as I know, itís the
only rhyming language there is, and thatís quite an achievement!

Have you e'er considered doing some longer translations in sUmUs cOcOOnUsí
language? Personally, I would love to see the Mad Tea Party in DiLingo. But
then again, it may even be funnier if you tried a serious text like
Beowulf. Well, thatís not too serious, because the monsterís arm gets
ripped off. Or perhaps "The Northwind and the Sun." Though thatís rather
wacky too.

Good luck, and long live DiLingo!


(aanine Ö aanine Ö)