I wonder, how feasible would it even be to revive the Blue Language? Did
Monsieur Bollack actually leave us enough materials to do so? I know of the
English summary of the Blue Language that he had prepared, and there seems
to have been a much longer sketch in French. Did he actually finish the
lessons and dictionaries that are promised in the summary?

Are there enough root words in the language? If not, did he provide a means
for importing more? Would one have imported words from Classical Volapük
and just fiddled with them a little? Or from Latin?

But then again, his goals were very different to many of ours, I know. He
went on to support Ido, a worthy language to be sure, but no Blue Language.

I think the Bolak language was just getting interesting when he left it …
what exactly would Bolak literature have been like?

I find a certain charm to the languages created in the time period of the
Blue Language. I’m not quire sure that I can define it, but perhaps others
can. Volapük, Esperanto, Bolak, they all seem very personal to me. They are
systematic in some areas, and quite unique in others. In many ways they
seem like overgrown childhood languages, such as one would use in writing a
journal that one wanted to keep hidden from a nosy sibling. So why not have
a Cyrillic letter? Let’s have all the modals look the same! Third person
vocatives? Of course!

And of course, calling a language blue is just endearing. Blue is just one
of those colors that can be neutral, positive, negative, just about
anything in context. Imagine if he had called it the Scarlet Language, or
the Pink and Purple Polka-dotted language, or even the Language of the Wine
Dark Sea!