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On 27/05/2012 07:36, Patrick Dunn wrote:
> What was the general way that Greek transliterated and
> adapted names from other languages?  Was it common to
> decline them as if they were native Greek words, or did
> one merely slap an article on them and call them good?
> Ἰησοῦς is fairly close to Yeshua, but clearly it's got a
> Hellenized ending.  Was that common?

Yes.  In Herodotos' histories, Persian names are regularly
hellenized and declined.  The Septuagint does frequently
hellenized Hebrew names, e.g.
Isaiah - 'Esaΐας (Esaías)
Ezra -  Ἔσδρας (Ésdras)
Jeremiah = Ἰερεμίας (Ieremías)
Zephaniah - Σοφονίας (Sophonías)

But other names were left indeclinable, e.g.
Noah - Νῶε
David - Δαθείδ (Septuagint),  Ααβίδ (NT)
Daniel - Δανιήλ

Jerusalem had both an indeclinable form Ἰερουσαλήμ
(Ierousalé:m) and the declinable neuter plural Ἵεροσόλυμα
(Hierosólyma) - the latter has clearly been influenced by
ἵερο- (hiero- ) "sacred."  Then Welsh also partly
cambricizes the holy city as _Caersalem_   :;

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