While on the topic of coverage

---- Our peds residency has drastically restructured the resident shifts
for the new academic year (shorter hours, less coverage).  The residency
attributed these changes to the "new duty hours rules."

I recall that this topic was discussed on the list three years ago and
would like an update post duty hours changes.  Please send
responses to my email and I will collate and distribute to the list
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Thank you for sharing your resident coverage data:
1) what is your annual volume?
2) how many residents do you have daily in the ED-- by PGY and ED vs PEM
vs other ?
3) what shifts do the residents work (what is your coverage over the 24
hour day)?
3) how many total shifts does each resident work per month?  How many
hours are the shifts?
4) what problems have you encountered related to duty hours changes?

Thank you-

Marc Auerbach, MD MSCI, Assistant Professor, Yale University School of
Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Section of Emergency Medicine,
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Innovation Research and Education), Board-member International Pediatric
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