Wikipedia -> "cytheria" :-o I assume you mean the Greek goddess :)

The problem I had with the translation is coming up with was a suitable analogy for "venus"; just letting it slide as "venusà" or "vìnèsà" for Nauspayr would be a bit too easy. For one, we're in a different star system and two, there's no traditional pantheon of gods.

So, I've decided to work from "samadìva"; a variety of half-bird half-woman spirits who are associated with dance and priestesses - trying to riff off the idea of Venus being a goddess of feminine power, rather than just beauty. So, change the word class from the feminine/spiritual and into the constructed/measurable - "samadìvà".

Samadìvà gìluk fakh sakayak.
Venus(def-singular)(nominative) wander(near-past)(declarative)(3rd-person-singular-D) "anterior" sun(def-singular)(adessive)
Venus passed in front of the sun today.

Nauspayr kinda aces these, but falls down on much simpler constructions: yesterday I translated "so hotly" as "yàrelefurrdank": more than a mouthful /jɑ.ɹe.le'fʊr.dank/

"Wander" is only a loose translation: it suggests more of a spiritual journey; going somewhere with no particular destination in mind, it's the journey which matters (thank you Preacher Book!)

And, if you'll forgive me, an attempt in my "under heavy development" Tsáidacht which, due to an institutionalised chauvinism, finds the idea of women having power rather shocking: I've gone with "ueanntse-íob", literally "wench-star":

Cúi soimhuagh is ueanntse-íob omh if bóugh.
today pass(past)(transitive-masculine-singular) the Venus before the sun
Venus passed before the sun today.

And the rather less superstitious and much easier Caccigga:

Caccianno il sole-tue sur il solegna al.
Pass(preterite-3rd-sing-masc) the sun-2 across the sun(dative) today.

Sol-2 passed across the sun today.

Sam Stutter
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On 6 Jun 2012, at 04:11, Daniel Bowman wrote:

> I wrote in my diary that the planet Venus transited the sun today.  I thought this would make an interesting translation, since my language Angosey had to decide how to say "to cross in front of the disc of the sun".  Here's what I came up with:
> Sri-hhisindeya au Kaytherye sheudhna ndeta Sarna ndala haleyana sey sia.
> Whew.  Need to be more concise.  Anyway, smooth English:
> I am told that Venus drifted in front of the disc of the Sun today.
> (After that, I mention that I will be dead before this event happens again.  Rather morbid, I suppose, but I think it's not going to recur for at least a hundred years)
> Note:  The word for Venus is derived from Cytheria. Cytheria has a very nice sound to it IMHO :-)