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> Since none have mentioned it yet, I
> will.
> English is a great language for puns and, due to borrowing
> from so many
> other languages and cultures while using idiosyncratic
> orthography for such
> borrowing, allows making puns in several languages
> simultaneously.
> Anyone want to provide examples?
> Which language, in your opinion, is best for punning?

Yes indeed. There are some simply horrific Anglo-French puns. For ex., an
old joke:

What do you call the French president's cat?
         The Pout d'Etat.

This doesn't make any sense in French whatsoever, but anyone who speaks
English will recognise an old slangy term for cat, puddy-tat, from old
cartoons; and it is something of a pun on the phrase-borrowed-from-French,
"coup d'etat".

Or this one counting riddle:

There were two cats, One-Two-Three Cat and Un-Deux-Trois Cat, and they had 
a swimming race from England to France. Who won?

          One-Two-Three Cat won because Un-Deux-Trois quatre cinq.

Again, doesn't make any sense in French, but read the French words as if
they were English, and you'll get why the English cat won.