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This reminds me of a rather hilarious moment as Sarkozu was introduced for
the first time in Farscape.  As she is trying to learn English very quickly
(something her race is capable of and required to do, since they can't use
translator microbes), she shouts for Criton to "recite your alphabet ... IN

I nearly fell on the floor laughing at the ridiculousness of it.  I don't
know what part of that was more ridiculous:

1) That she would care about the written form of the language at all when
she was just trying to get to where she could understand this new alien's
2) That for some reason she thinks the names of the alphabet letters would
be of any use to her at all
3) That the order of the alphabet matters at all.

And of course, she has no way to know that the language she is hearing is
associated with an alphabet.  If Criton had been Chinese, I suppose the
command would have been nonsensical, since no human being can recite all
the characters -- let alone in any coherent order.