On 15/06/2012 02:26, Padraic Brown wrote:
> Well, I hope you enjoy your visit! Since the Civil War
> mostly happened well to the south of Mass.,

Yep - we're flying into and leaving from Washington DC on
that part of the trip.

> I'm guessing you'll be down towards Maryland and
> Virginia.

My wife's got the itinerary somewhere, I must have a look.

> You're a little early for the big reenactment at
> Gettysburg in July,

Yes, this part of our trip finishes on 23rd June. But I know
Gettysburg is somewhere on the itinerary.  We have a group
over here called the Sealed Knot who spend all their time
re-enacting battles from our own earlier Civil War.  They
don't seem to need anniversaries as an excuse for
re-enactment   ;)

> but this being one of the years of the 150th anniversary,
> you can hardly go wrong anywhere connected with the war.
> If you're in DC, don't forget to visit Ford's Theater.
> Last shot of the war, you know!

We shall be taken wherever our guide sees fit, I guess  :)

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fieri per pauciora.
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