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>Do the natlangs follow the same form (tense on subject, aspect on object,

In Finnic one of the uses of the contrast between accusative and partitive objects is to indicate resultativity / completedness, which is a lot like aspect marking on the object.  Thus, to steal Wikipedia's examples:

  _luen kirja-a_ book-PART "I am reading a book" (uncompleted)
  _luen kirja-n_ book-ACC "I reed an (entire) book".  This one generally implies future:  as in many languages, since the present is just an instant, present perfectives are an unnatural category.

  _ammuin karhu-a_ I.shoot bear-PART "I shoot at the bear" (uncompleted: the shot may not have even connected)
  _ammuin karhu-n_ I.shoot bear-ACC "I shot the bear (dead)"