On 2012-07-31 15:14, Roman Rausch wrote:

> In any case, in my language, I've sprinkled some
> Greek letters into the transcription. It avoids weird
> digraphs and diacritics, and is not as radical or
> difficult to do as inserting a custom script, so it
> might be a worthwhile possibilty for books. There is
> the same long-established custom in mathematical
> notation: Quite often, one tries to exhaust Latin and
> Greek characters before turning to diacritics or
> subscripts.

I've considered using Greek letters, but if you then need
both _b_ and _β_, as I do for Isturjeb, how do you capitalize
them?  I could abuse _Ɓ/Б_, but would readers really follow
me out on that limb?  Then _Ƀƀ, Ꝑꝑ_ seem preferable.
*I* have nothing against diacritics, even though I know
my readers may, and more importantly on the WWW: they may
lack the font coverage; then even +h digraphs, which I
viscerally detest other than for aspirated consonants,
start to seem like an option, along with the interpunct
to show where there's not a digraph.

Shame to say I even prefer something like this for
Isturjeb: for those who do and don't care about language
alike it will look, appropriately, weird, staccato,
'guttural' and alien (even to Hungarians I believe! ;-),
but for those who do care about language there will
still be a system.

    f     fv    sz     s    sc    sj     x    xq    xh
   /ɸ/    /f/   /θ/   /s/   /ʃ/   /ɕ/   /x/   /χ/  /h/

    vf     v     z    zs    zc    zj    qx     q    h
   /β/    /v/   /ð/   /z/   /ʒ/   /ʑ/   /ɣ/   /ʁ/  /ɦ/

    -     pf    cz    cs   c(h)   cj    kx    kq    -
    -    /pf/  /tθ/  /ts/  /tʃ/  /tɕ/  /kx/  /qχ/   -

    -     bv    jz    js    jc   j(h)   gx    gq    -
    -    /bv/  /dð/  /dz/  /dʒ/  /dʑ/  /gɣ/  /ɢʁ/   -

    p      -    td     t     -     -    kg     k    kh
   /p/     -    /t̪/   /t/    -     -    /k/   /q/  /ʔ/

    b      -     d    dt     -     -     g    gk    -
   /b/     -    /d̪/   /d/    -     -    /g/   /ɢ/   -

    m     mv     -     n     -    ny    ng    nq    nh
   /m/    /ɱ/    -    /n/    -    /ɲ/   /ŋ/   /ɴ/  /~/

    hm    hmv    -    hn     -    hny   hng   hnq
   /m̥/    /ɱ̊/    -    /n̥/    -    /ɲ̊/   /ŋ̊/   /ɴ̥/

    -      -     r    ll     -    ly     l    rq
    -      -    /r/   /ɮ/    -   /ʝˡ/    ʟ    /ʀ/

    -      -    hr    hll    -    hly   hl    hrq
    -      -    /r̥/   /ɬ/    -   /çˡ/   /ʟ̥/   /ʀ̥/