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> New to the list. Still a lot to learn about languages. Not so much about
> history.

Nice to meet you, but I have to admit that I find it odd that you feel
that you haven't still a lot to learn about history.

> You description of a common ancestry and identity are off. This country did
> NOT speak a
> common language, nor have common religious heritage, even among the white
> people here. That is to say nothing of the black slaves, natives, and those
> of Baltic or Mediterranean
> heritage.
Umm, right, this place was just loaded with Balts and Mediterraneans.
That's why you see so many of their signatures on the Declaration of

Seriously, at the time that document was signed, the White segment of
the USA was more than 4/5 British (incl Irish) descent.  Specifically,
it was about 2/3 English, a majority.  The rest were mainly Dutch,
German, Swedish, French Huguenot and a sprinkling of others.  It was
something like 98% Protestant.

> John Jay was writing as a privileged white man. I think it says more about
> how women and
> blacks were accounted for in the forming documents of the nation.

*shrugs*  I always find it anachronistic and frankly a little silly to
fault historical figures for a perceived lack of 21st-century style
Political Correctness, which is what you seem to be doing here.

> You may want to revisit you definition of a nation.
I believe that my definition is the simple, conventional one but
thanks for the suggestion.