Hey everyone!

This my first post on the list, even though I've subscribed to it quite a
while ago, and I have to say, I really like reading some of the interesting
topics that have appeared here and I'm jsut sorry I didn't subscribe to the
list before. :)

In any case, I've decided to finally post here because after all the years
I've spent on my main conlang, some of you may know it under the name
Laefêvëši, I have now created (or rather, I'm creating) a new version of
the language which I really like, for the first time, actually. The
language so far known as Laefêvëši now goes under the name Classical
Laefêvëši and the new version is called Ascended or Celestial Laefêvëši.
The mean reason why I decided to redesign the language is because Classical
Laefêvëši did not fit with the culture of its speakers anymore (the main
problem were genders, but also a few other minor things, both grammar and
vocabularywise). Celestial Laefêvëši doesn't have any genders, and it
doesn't distinguish between words like mother and father, brother and
sister, or daughter and son.

But moving to my point now. I've made a short video, an introduction to
Celestial Laefêvëši, and I would really like to hear your comments/thoughts
and maybe get some feedback, regarding both the video and the language.
Here's the link to the video:
And the link to my wiki: (you can find here
all my conlangs, although not everything is online and some things need
some major revising, but I'm working on that)

Thanks and any feedback/comments/thoughts/questions are really appreciated.


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