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> > Me? I try to find Hebrew words in the three letters on the VA license
> > plates!  Or some fictional organization: Society for..., Association 
> > of..., etc.
> > Charlie

This is a good source. In the US, most states have auto license plates
with three letters and three numbers. Perfect for triconsonantal root

> I look for words and abbreviations in the 3 letters on PA
> license plates 
> too. I have been stumped for quite some time by the letters
> on the back 
> of my old van: HXK.

HaSHeKu -- a mythological river monster inhabiting the briny deltas of
the lost empire of Sergan.

> I also see potential conlang words EVERYWHERE.

Another good source is word finds -- just draw random circles around
different numbers of letters. Might have to insert some vowels (ore remove
a few!). Interesting results.

> Mia.