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O/UNK words -- very interesting! I can think of:

RM: good heavens, I guess I don't get around much, or maybe it's my age....I've added a YES or other comments to those I've heard of, a ? to those unknown to me....

bonk -- onom. for a "big" sound effect, like two objects striking each
other; also a v. to strike or collide with something--YES
bunk -- like bonk; also a kind of bed; also utter BS--Only the latter two.
boink -- a "small" sound effect, like a spring being plucked--only in Conlang-L context; I also thought it was UK slang for a sexual encounter; In your meaning, I have "boing"
conk -- to strike something; or a blow or hit, usually to the head (I've
never seen or used it to mean nose)-- Same here.
donk -- another sound effect word, esp. reminiscent of a cowbell; also to
strike or hit--?
doink -- similar to boink in its onom. sense--?
dunk -- like donk; also to dip your toast or sputniks in coffee/tea/cocoa;also to dip your oreoes in milk-- only the "dipping in beverage" meanings, cf. "Dunkin Donuts"(TM)
foink -- another onom. word"--?
funk -- a kind of music--yes, also "funky" as an adj., hard to define offhand ;-)
gonk -- dial. for gunk; also appears to be a kind of plush toy--?
goink -- onom.--?
gunk -- viscous, sticky, icky uckulous material, like dirty grease--YES
honk -- to blow a horn, esp. & almost excl. a car or bike horn; to sing
like a goose; dial. of hunk--YES (but no relation to hunk for me)
honker -- a large nose (see Jamie Farr) --YES
hunk -- a large mass of something--YES, also a well-built sexy guy (used by both M and F)
monk -- religious figure--YES but it doesn't rhyme with the rest.......
nonknonk -- onom.--?
noink -- onom.--?
oink -- to talk like a pig--YES
plonk -- onom.-- ? but can refer to bad red wine, e.g. "Spanish plonk"
plunk -- like plonk; also to pay out a sum of money ("plunk down")--not related to plonk; for me, (and usually with "down") it means to set s.t. down with some force
ponk -- like donk; dial. of punk--?
poink -- like doink, esp. water dripping from a tap--?? (sounds reasonable, but I've never heard it)
punk -- an ill behaved person--YES; also adj. punky w.r.t.slightly rotten wood
tonk -- a card game; an illegal alien--?
toink -- like boink or doink, only in the Phils--?
tunk -- a blow or strike--?
twink -- another "small" sound effect, a metallic sound--in my world, only slightly fem, young, rather willowy gay kid
wonk -- nerd, intellectual (I think orig. derog., but I don't find it to be
derogatory at all)--YES, but always a bit derogatory IMO--in college, we preppies used it to refer to the often nerdy commuter students and other townies (shame on us).
wonky -- unstable--NO, just the adj. form of wonk
yonk -- a wide variety of slang and dial. meanings. I like "period of three
weeks" best; also like yoink--?
yoink -- onom. usu. used when taking something from someone--?
zonk -- a worthless object; to become tired or worn out--only the latter (with "out", "to conk out" = collapse into sleep from fatigue" can be a synonym)

(snip a little)

The O/U variants seems to be regionalisms for each other. I would say
"junk" or "gunk", and would take "jonk" and "gonk" to be some dialectal
variant, possibly Appalachian or near-mid-western.

RM Could well be...I recall when I taught at a college in the near-Appalachia region, we outlanders made fun of the local pronunciation of "push" as [puS].

I also understand that many of the above have sexual slang meanings as
well. I've never used them that way, and have never heard or seen them
used that way.

RM well, nów who doesn't get around much? (at least not the same circles as moi) :-))))