On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 7:21 AM, Padraic Brown <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> And where are you getting a custom 3x5 for $100?
> Yep -- the hundred to two hundred range seems to be typical for a very
> small run of 3x5b flags from the companies I looked at.

FWIW: I'm the one who initially found that deal, so I can say with
certainty: it's way cheaper than elsewhere. I asked for quotes from
probably a couple dozen places, all the rest were on the order of
10-200% more expensive. is actually a primary manufacturer, not
just a reseller, which is why they set the baseline price.

Most of the cost is the creation of the screen itself; the per item
cost isn't all that high (on the order of $20). If we were making
hundreds of 'em, it would go down even further.

They do also make small flags, but with the same caveat — they're
screenprinted, so they're still subject to bulk pricing issues. Also
note that one-off type custom printing (eg Zazzle) can't do
full-soak-through inking of the kind used in flags. The flags are a
strong, fully saturated color on both sides because it's printed all
the way through, not just surface printed on a fabric the way that
tshirts are. That's also consequently more expensive in ink and
precision and so forth.

I figured back when that it wasn't really as worthwhile getting small
flags made 'cause they're not cheaper enough at the small-group buys
we're doing (~10-20), and may as well have a real full-size flag while
we're at it. But if there's enough interest in smaller ones, then yes,
they could certainly be gotten at a decent rate. (And if you want
other kinds of schwag like shirts or cups or whatnot, speak up; those
are way easier to set up.)

- Sai