Hello! I work for Action Speaks, a radio program which unpacks unappreciated moments in history. On October 10th, our show is focusing on the first Critical Mass Ride in San Francisco in 1992, which I thought members of this listserv would be interested in hearing about! I've attached some information about it so that you can learn more, but if you are interested, we look forward to seeing you at AS220's performance space on October 10th! Also, please feel free to disseminate the attached poster or press release to your contacts. If you would like to learn about earlier seasons, there is a great deal of information at our website (www.actionspeaksradio.org) and if you have any further questions, please feel free to let me know. Hope to see you there! Thank you, Abby Ettelman Bike to Brown discussion list: http://listserv.brown.edu/archives/bike-to-brown.html

Bike to Brown website: http://biketobrown.brown.edu/