I'm a new member of the list. Please excuse me if my question has already
been covered here. I couldn't find it in the archives.

I'm transcribing a medieval Latin manuscript that has two distinct hands.
One of them wrote the text, the other one corrected the first one's work.
I'm having difficulty figuring out how to encode the second hand's
interventions. They mainly take the form of marks that either join two
letters originally and incorrectly separated by a space or separate two
letters originally and incorrectly joined.

For example, the first hand wrote *quia etoliam*, but the second hand
corrected that to *qui aetoliam* by inserting a slash between the "i" and
"a" in the original *quia *and by drawing a line joining the "a" with the
"e" of the original *etoliam*.

The <metamark> element seems almost, but not quite, right here, since it
would be cumbersome to use the @target or @span attributes every time this
happens. Does anyone have any better suggestions?


Jon Reynolds