<biblScope> can appear inside <imprint> or inside <monogr> after <imprint>.

What, if anything, is the difference, semantically?

One possibility: <biblScope> inside <imprint> characterizes the printed 
monograph. It corresponds one-to-one with whatever the <title> of the 
<monogr> corresponds to.  Then <biblScope> after <imprint> identifies 
what part of the titled monograph contains the item identified in any 
earlier <analytic>.

Does this, for example,

<author>Boguraev, Branimir</author>
<title>Text Representation</title>
<title level="j">Linguistic Computing</title>
<biblScope type="vol">7</biblScope>
<biblScope type="issue">2</biblScope>
<biblScope type="pp">110-150</biblScope>

say that issue 2 of the journal's 7th volume has pages numbered 110 to 
150 or that it's just the article that runs from p. 110 to p. 150?

I'd think the first, and that if I wanted to encode the second, I should 
put <biblScope> outside the <imprint>. But Guideline don't seem to 

Does TEI specify what <biblScope> scopes? Does the object of scoping 
depend on where <biblScope> is used?

-- JPM

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