Dear TEI-L,

The TEI Technical Council held a face to face meeting in Oxford 
on the 19 - 21 September 2012. Oxford, as with Ann Arbor as a 
location for our previous meeting, was chosen as the most 
fiscally responsible location because of the number of nearby 
attendees and in this case coincided with the EEBO-TCP conference 
that some members of the Council were going to be attending which 
resulted in further savings.

The minutes of the meeting are available at:

and I'd like to thank all the Council members for their 
participation and continued hard work. I'd like to mention Martin 
Holmes and Rebecca Welzenbach with extra thanks for the minute 
taking. Martin also produced an ongoing list of actions resulting 
from this meeting at: which will be 
updated as a checklist as actions are processed and tickets 

The meeting alternated in our usual fashion between discussion of 
the bug and feature request tickets on sourceforge and discussion 
of more general ongoing issues that have been raised with the TEI 
Technical Council.

Some of the general discussion highlights included:

- Lou Burnard's proposal for resolving the so-called 'Durand 

- A reminder of the pending removal of active support for TEI P4 
(which I will email the list about in the next couple weeks)

- Possible developments with both TEI ODD and the Roma interface

- Elena Pierazzo visiting as TEI Board Chair to discuss board 
activities and financial constraints

- The possibility of Code Bounties for a rewrite of Roma or other 

- The discussion of the use of @rend and the ticket (see below) 
concerning it

We processed around 60 or so tickets, where 'processed' in this 
case might range from some or all of the steps in having 
reviewed, discussed, assigned, decided, and implemented (or 
rejected) the ticket. In some cases decisions were easy, in other 
cases argued fervently, and of course there were those where no 
clear consensus was able to be reached.

Some tickets I found notable or interesting that we processed 

- on referencing the 
application/tei+xml IANA registration in the guidelines

- on the content model of 
<signed> (which will also be looked at by our ad hoc div.liminal 
working group)

- more on floatingDiv (still 
rejected pending new concrete arguments for it)

- on the content models of <bibl> 
and <imprint>

- on a new element for cited 
ranges in bibliographic records

- on rationalising att.canonical 
usage on members of model.persTraitLike

- on a proposal for a location for 
storing standoff markup

- on whether <lg> should be 
allowed inside <p>

- confirming the nature of @rend 
as sequence-indeterminate bag of space-separated tokens, but 
creation of a new @style attribute for those who wish to record 
rendering of the source document in-line in a formal language 
rather than use @rendition

...among many other tickets. (Others might have chosen other 
tickets, see the minutes above for a full list.)

The TEI Technical Council is preparing to make a release of the 
Guidelines (including some but certainly not all of these 
changes) before the TEI Conference and Members Meeting in early November 2012. I 
would encourage readers of TEI-L to attend and also encourage 
your institutions to become members of the TEI Consortium if at all possible so 
the Consortium can continue to develop and support the Guidelines.

James Cummings
Chair of the TEI Technical Council

Dr James Cummings, [log in to unmask]
Research Support, IT Services, University of Oxford