Hi all,

I'm interested in gathering some examples of existing usage of the 
@calendar and @datingMethod attributes used for signalling dating 
information which is not Gregorian. If you've used either of these 
attributes, and/or used another method to signal the use of a 
non-Gregorian calendar, and you're prepared to share some of your XML, 
could you send me an email?

I'm also interested in finding out how widespread is the (ab)use of 
standard dating attributes for non-Gregorian dates. For instance, if 
you've every encoded something like this:

The Great Fire of London started on <date when="1666-09-02">September 2, 

where September 2 is actually a Julian date, not a Gregorian date, I'd 
be interested to hear from you.

Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
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