Thanks to Sebastian and Martin for their replies.

22.10.2012, β 21:44, Martin Holmes <[log in to unmask]> νΰοθρΰλ(ΰ):

> The Roma interface doesn't seem to specify any encoding on its HTML documents at all. It would be a good idea to add an HTML meta tag specifying the encoding, because if no encoding is specified, my understanding is that 8859-1 is the default. Not what you want, since it can't handle cyrillic.

I don't know if Sebastian already played with this, but I can now see, at least on that ut8 has been set. doesn't have a charset, but that's not where the problem occurs. 

> The form that's going to be submitted to the PHP handler should also have its encoding specified using the accept-charset attribute. It currently has no setting at all.

The form on does not have the accept-charset attribute. But as Martin said, there may additional things to check on the server side. 

Sebastian, is this something you could look into? 

Many thanks in advance. 

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