I just read the abstract (not just the title) and realized that indeed Lynne and colleagues published an article based
on the TEI community of practice:  

I was too narrowly searching on the title of the study as presented at the business meeting:  "Understanding the TEI-C Community: A Study in Breadth and Depth, Toward Membership and Recruitment."  This may have what I am looking for, but a raw report of library members through the years would be awesome!


Hi all,

Ray and Lynne Siemens reported on the state of TEI-C membership since the formation of the Consortium, if I recall correctly, at the 2009 Meeting in London. They presented lots of data (and data visualizations) and I was wondering if that presentation is encapsulated in the written form somewhere for public access. 

More specifically, I am interested in knowing the patterns (rise, decline) of library members since the formation of the Consortium in 2001.  Is that data readily available?  Perhaps Ray and Lynne covered this, but if not, how could I access this information?


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