I am customizing the dictionary module with Roma to use in a project in which we are transcribing several Serbian dialectological dictionaries. The goal is to reduce the number of elements and translate tag names into Serbian to make life easier for our transcribers. If we use Cyrillic tags, the transcribers won't have to switch keyboard layouts all the time etc. We will use this simplified schema only during the transcription process. 

But after changing the tag name in Roma into something Cyrillic, when I save the customization, I get a blank screen, in both Safari and Firefox on Mac OS X.  The blank screen persists until restarting the browser. 

When I manually add the following into the customization: 

<elementSpec module="dictionaries" ident="entry"

I can load this customization into Roma without problems (http://db.tt/YK1t1RXT), but as soon as I try to add another Cyrillic tag name, I get the same blank page on saving the customization.

Is this something that can be fixed?

All best,
Toma Tasovac
Director, Center for Digital Humanities (Belgrade, Serbia) 
http://humanistika.org • http://transpoetika.org