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> > > The passive participle is problematic, not least
> because "shit" is
> > > intransitive (usually doesn't take an object).
> >
> > Well, it certainly can be intransitive. It can also
> take an object -- he
> > shat the place all up.
> Bad example, since you're essentially using a phrasal verb
> "to shit up" rather than just "to shit". 

He shat a brick. Midas no doubt shat gold. And when came the dreaded 
Hamster of Penwith, the knights did shit much poo, besoiling their 
trouseroons therewith.


> Better would be the familiar
> expression "shit
> bricks", or, for those Game of Thrones fans out there,
> "Tywin Lannister
> shits gold."