David McCann, On 16/10/2012 16:52:
> There's a lot of leftist and populist ideology in 20th century
> linguistics, especially that emanating from the USA.

[Because this is about linguistics, I allow myself to step into NCNC territory. Please delete unread if you'd rather not read it.]

Nice to know there's still a bit of leftism in the USA (or had it largely died out by the end of the Twentieth Century?). What is some of the abundant leftist and populist ideology in 20th century linguistics?

I'm a leftist and a linguistician, and the only example I can think of is the insistence that non-Standard dialects (i.e. dialects that differ from the dialect of the bourgeoisie) are not incorrect or defective or inferior to the Standard (bourgeois) dialect. (Of course, that, as with most leftist principles, strikes me as defending a humane, rational and fundamentally Right position against bigoted, oppressive, immoral, irrational and fundamentally Wrong alternatives...)