I meant sayings and slang expressions.
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> That's the question that make people like me come to the conlang list.
> Because Your question may actually be interpreted as "how do I create a
> language?". And since the whole list is functioning for such a long lime,
> with different people of different ages, nationalities and views still 
> have
> plenty of stuff to discuss for so many years, this question could not be
> answered lightly.
> As a novice in that, I can recommend learning a new language. It's the
> easiest way to become on par with the terminology. Also, every new 
> language
> you learn gives you new unexpected insights. For me learning Japanese was 
> a
> mind-blowing experience, and though I have almost forgotten this languages
> within the years that passed since then, it has strongly influenced me 
> and,
> finally, led me here.
> One could have also suggested reading some more theoretical works, but I'm
> afraid they are seldom available as audiobooks or even in a format that
> could be read by a voice-generator. I'm definitely not sure, but I had to
> take the books I needed from the library, for they are also quite
> expensive. I hope that this may be different with the language courses - 
> in
> the end, in most more or less big cities it is always possible to just
> attend one.
> Once you get familiar with basic constructions and how they vary in
> different languages, you have much more space for imagination. And that's
> when you may start to fancy, how such and such phrase may sound in your
> conlang. Here, again, we all have much freedom. Language itself is a piece
> of art, just like a novel or a verse. Other people can give advises, share
> common patterns, but that's it.
> Sorry, if my e-mail was not helpful. That is as much as I can suggest.
> Best luck with Yermona!
> Kolya
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>> How do I create Yemoran expressions?
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