2012/11/14 Alex Fink <[log in to unmask]>

> I named Lojban because that's what you were defaulting to in the Xorban
> lexis at present and didn't think to generalise it.  But the properties you
> name are indeed both useful here.  Esperanto might work too;

Why not Interlingua as well? The have allegedly chosen the more
international stems by statistical means.

Then there's the problem of subclauses reusing variables, which I can't
> entirely wriggle out of even with a good case system: take "the cat ate the
> rat which ate the grain".  So I guess either we have whole series of
> secondary cases for conflict avoidance in subclauses, as in
>     cat(n) & rat(a) & eat(n, a) & grain(a') & eat(a, a') ;
> or we allow some variables to be reused within subclauses, which on the
> face of it seems to have the better naturalistic analogy, relative pronouns:
>     cat(n) & rat(a) & eat(n, a) & relpron(a; [n) & grain(a) & eat(n, a) ] .

This keep reminding me of object-oriented programming structure.