Ill give this poem a try.

*Fhnu se qir Qrot ptler fhinaloi panyayjhwa*

*Fhyuyuqei ker qhxhne ktatser tsaqreythya*

*Koas fhrjhi jakhnapfhlaxhmikhpyer fhtyxhyeu*

*Pra pl pelqayjhwan khnokesiyjhwo*

*Jhefhjrafham khma se pjhyi jhthoa pfhu.*

*In the sacred battlefields left fallow for the Ancestors in Qrot the blue
pansies breathe*

*Among the tombstones that are ancestral monuments, rank by row*

*That denote our place, and in the heavens*

*The one-eyed-meadowlarks continue to be brave, sing, and fly*

*Barely heard by the plasma cannons that are below.*

*Tepu xhmoe jaFhwaya xhmoe.  Fhrpfhana fhl se*

*Fhlkh tepuyaxhwa jhpl quja tserakhxhmikh tstlhu quja*

*Empapayulkhayajha fhsitha quja fhexhyejikh tepuxhrejor*

*Xhnoike poaqe pesika qr p smyaloi tepu*

*Fhanuyxhyeu qir Qrot.*

*The honored Dead are we.  In brief days ago*

*We lived, felt dawns, saw*

*Golden sunsets, loved those who loved us,*

*And now we lie*

*In the sacred grounds in Qrot.*

*Etrngepakhh khakhartyai khmeikhikhopa!*

*Txhmi xhrir khmnta khpa poptqnont*

*Fhonkhnthe tepuyan.  s fht pnxhe eixhrejor t!*

*Fhungtuslwos qoe fhnyi pejor fhejhjhyenokh t*

*Unopaingamo uxxhrejikh fhrutyatser panyayqwa*

*Fhanyaloi qir Qrot.*

*With blood feuds wage war against the foe!*

*Unto you from our ancestral hands we throw*

*The torch.  Be it that you high hold it!*

*If you shatter the faith among dear us who die*

*We shall do the opposite of sleeping, though blue panseys breathe*

*In the sacred battlefields left fallow for the Ancestors in Qrot*