On 11/19/2012 10:54 PM, Daniel Bowman wrote:
> I traveled to Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala for some fieldwork
> last week.  The climb into the crater was tough, the climb out of the
> crater was the hardest hike I've ever done.  The fact that I did not
> bring enough water did not help the situation (will remedy that in
> the future!).
> The volcano had covered rocks and vegetation in a thin layer of very
> fine ash, and this, combined with my just-completed annual reading of
> Dante caused me to keep thinking one line over and over during my
> tribulation:
> My soul cleaves to the dust.
> Naturally, now that I'm back, I wondered how to translate this into
> my conlang Angosey.  The phrase has a certain power, and I wanted to
> render it due justice.  However, I felt that it was too short for a
> good, meaty translation so I added another line:
> My soul cleaves to the dust, My eyes see past the stars.
> In Angosey:
> Ngavarataya eth eme au sagath Zeranaya au zirathya eme sarnathnaya
> inrepa.
> How does that go in your conlang?

I'll start with the easiest choice, which word to use for "dust". I like 
the sound of "tyšwi" and I'm not sure that I've used it before. I 
haven't figured out the precise distinction between "tyšwi" and "baża". 
Another option would be "banu" for "ash".

For "cleave" I've got a word "ċinu" which means "stick, adhere". I think 
that's good enough. I don't know what a Tirelat speaker would make of 
the idea of something adhering to dust, but I'm sure they won't take it 
literally. The only evidential that really seems to fit is nonpast 

So far we've got "lĕċinunez nin u tyšwi" ... "I am sticking to (the) 
dust". To specify that it's my soul sticking to the dust as opposed to 
my feet or my elbow, I can use the preposition "fy" with a locative. Now 
the tricky decision of which word to use for "my soul". I think I'll use 

Fy vë lĕtuhli lĕċinunez nin u tyšwi.

"My eyes see past the stars" is more straightforward, but in order to 
keep the same structure I'll translate it as "with my eyes I am seeing 
past the stars".

Vjaki aj jĕsim lĕližanez vim aj xak.