On 20/11/2012 12:21, Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets wrote:

> It's more complicated than that I'm afraid. In Spoken
> French, "là" has become a multipurpose time-space
> indicator, whose actual meaning is strongly dependent on
> context.

Yep - I'm reminded that in his book "After Babel", George
Steiner observes that while "Être, ou ne pas être, c'est la
question" is the strict interlinear translation of the
opening of Hamlet's well-known soliloquy and that, while it
does succeed "in conveying .... almost the entire sense",
it's not natural French.  In French we need:

Être, ou ne pas être, c'est là la question.

I asked my wife about as she is a fluent French speaker.
She agreed "Yes, they would put in _la_ there."  She
couldn't explain why other than "It's just what they do'  ;)

I'm dealing with ne...pas in a separate email.

Nid rhy hen neb i ddysgu.
There's none too old to learn.