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> 3.  As soon as the flower milk for the cake was
> completely finished,
> Princess Khmaryayólakh, Khyexhròwiqan’s Mother, chanted
> to Him, “They lack
> flower milk with sugar, and the milk flowers are empty.”

What is flower milk with sugar?
> 4.  Khyexhròwiqan chanted to her, “Beloved Child of
> Pfhentókha, mine holy
> Lady Mother, whatever am I fated to do?  Mine hour has
> not yet arrived.”

Khy. seems to be a little more anxious and perhaps eager to do. The 
Shepherd of Valor seems a bit more reluctant to act and resists her
mother's suggestion for some time!

> 6.  Nowabouts there were six stone water jugs that
> spanned in that place
> for the customs of the purification of ritual baths, the six
> containing
> twice eleven or thrice eleven gallons, each one.

Are 7 and 11 numbers of special importance? I noted twice seven disciples
I think and now twice & thrice eleven gallons capacity.

> 8.  And He chanted unto them, “Drawing water, draw
> some in general, now,
> and take some of it unto the chief eunuch!”  So they
> took some of it unto her.

Interesting this: is the "eunuch" actually female? A girl? Or is it really
a male who is referred to as if female? If so, that's an interesting turn
about! Eunuchification is not widely practiced in the Eastlands of the
World, and so doesn't have any particular cultural apparatus surrounding
it. I would note that a male Daine who becomes castrated will in time
turn into a kind of female - physically indistinguishable from a normal
girl, but sterile and behaviorally still male.

Good to see you back by the way!