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[Very nice description snipped.]

> I've never seen a language with adverbs that decline, but
> that doesn't mean it couldn't exist.

For what little it's worth, I've often appended the "adverbial cases" to
the usual panoply of adjectival (and even nominal) cases. So in Rumelian,
as in Latin, you have adverbs like "rapidê". The Rumeliard grammarians
simply consider it another case along with "rapidos" and "rapidôns". Even
nouns can get in on the action: "sounetoure teviê" == it is sounded
flutely, or it sounds after the manner of a flute. This in addition to the
usual alternative of using the neut. acc. as adverb (rapidom).

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> > What speech parts can be conjugated? I saw something about 
> > prepositions? How about nouns, and pronouns? How are prepositions
> > conjugated?

In Old Irish: