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> I was wondering, would you only make new compound words that are totally
> logical or would you also use figures of speech? And why?
> For example, "marine vehicle" literally means "boat". However, "sky eye" is
> just a figure of speech for "sun" but it doesn't literally mean that there
> is an eye in the sky whereas marine vehicle literally means that there is a
> vehicle on water.
> Thanks.

If you are aiming at an artlang, then I'd agree with Gary. With natlangs
the compound words are created my different people with different attitude
to the same thing. Thus you have all kind of schemes, from purely logical
and utilitarian to poetic metaphors. So I think any way is good enough, and
I'm going to take

Just one nuance about your examples. The eye of the sky could have been a
direct association. I remember that as a child I've always considered cars
as having faces, with headlights as their eyes and radiators as mouth.
Similarly, the sky may be percepted as a living being with the sun being
literally its eye. I think it would be quite natural as well to think of
the branches of a tree as its arms, of a waterfall as hair of a river (one
waterfall in Island is called Odin's Beard, and looks quite alike), and of
hair as a "grass belong head".

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> You are correct. That would be a serious mistake. I would hope, however,
> that it is the kind of beginner's mistake that none of us experienced
> conlangers would make! :-)
> --gary
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> > ...
> > The emphasis on _words_ -- on having English headwords as the indexing
> > mechanism to such a book -- would IMO undercut much of the good such a
> book
> > might do, by encouraging conlangers to make calques in the _semantic
> > contrasts_ their language offers, even if some single words expand as
> > compounds..
> >