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>   Thank you for your informative response, Ray.
>             I’m particularly
> glad that you wrote a few words about the
> phrase “My hour has not yet come,” since it seems that
> we’ve mostly
> overlooked that passage in our discussion.  I do wonder
> whether there’s a
> way to make it clear that “my hour” refers to Christ’s
> death and
> resurrection.  I’ll have to think about this more.

I would caution you against having to make every little thing the alt-Jesus
does "clear". Otherwise, every time he sneezes or stubs his toe on a rock,
your narrative will be cluttered with "for was it not writtens" and "as
saith the noble psalmists" and "as it was in the time of this or that

Let these kinds of phrases stand on their own -- and let the faithful
harangue over the "correct" reading as do the faithful *here*!

> In terms of our world, is it possible to translate “Gúnai” in
> way that can remind the reader of Eve, without using a
> footnote?  

Probably not without going the "new Eve" route.

> The phrase “daughter of Eve” may sound a bit too Narnian,
> but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

All women are "daughters of Eve", so I'm not sure that's much help, though.
Has a nice ring to it, though, even if a bit Narnian!

> And yes, “John” does call this a sign, but I think I translated
> it as both a “sign” and a “miracle.”  I really
> can’t help myself.  I know
> that “Matthew” doesn’t tell us the number of Magi, but
> in my version I make
> it specific that there are Three Sorcerers who come from the
> East.  It just seems an appropriate detail to the story.

No reason at all why one can't fill in details not mentioned in the
gospels *here*. Unless you're working on a strict translation, I see no
good reason to work so literally.

But now that you've specified three Sorcerers, don't forget to tell their
history too! Their names -- what are your world's analogs of Bathazar,
Melchior and Gaspar? What gifts did they bring? Where did they come from?

How does Sintocleus fit in the story?