Dear teitodocx experts,

I have a Word template which I will call MyTemplate for the purpose of
discussion. I am trying to produce docx documents using styles and
add-ons that are part of MyTemplate. I am guessing that this is
something I could achieve by combining MyTemplate and teitodocx's
template.docx, and put the resulting file into a new profile, which will
contain stylesheet customizations to use the new styles, etc. 

I am not sure what the proper way to do this is. Complicating things a
bit, it seems that template.docx is not a valid Word file but a skeleton
of a Word file (fleshed out by teitodocx during processing). I am
guessing template.docx is created from template_orig.docx. So the steps
I'm currently seeing are:

1. Do either of the following:

A. Use Word to copy styles and add-ons from MyTemplate to


B. Use Word to copy styles from template_orig.docx to MyTemplate.

2. Convert template_orig.docx to template.docx. (How?)

Are A and B equivalent, or is there some preferred direction for copying
things? Is there some other option or obstacle I'm not seeing?

Thank you,