Il 18/12/2012 17:05, Martin Holmes ha scritto:
> On 12-12-18 03:34 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> <html:media> doesn't exist per se.  separate img, audio and video.
>> I would not be averse to deprecating <graphic> in favour of a simple
>> <media desc="how hard can it be"> which explicitly allows video, audio
>> and still pictures,
>> as a shorthand fior the full paraphernalia needed for born-digital
>> multimedia.
>> in the short term, myself i'd abuse <graphic>. In fact I already do, I
>> see:
>>         <graphic url="Pages/07 Father, set you.mp4"
>> mimeType="video/mpeg4"/>
> I must admit I don't like this. I'd rather see a <media> element:
> element media
> {
>     att.internetMedia.attributes,
>     att.declaring.attributes,
>     att.duration,
>     attribute url { data.pointer },
>     model.descLike*
> }

Voting for <media> too, it just looks like the most effective (and 
elegant) solution for the problem.



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