Dear TEI Community,

This is one of those cases where I'm not sure whether I've encountered a
bug or my understanding is incorrect. There are two issues here.

1. I see that teitohtml does not always convert TEI's <p> to HTML's <p>
element. It does this for good reasons, which need not detain us here.
But there is one specific case that puzzles me:


becomes the HTML:

<div class="p">...<span class="quote_inline">...</span>...</div>

However, this HTML would be just as valid:

<p>...<span class="quote_inline">...</span>...</p>

So it is unclear to me why the paragraph is converted to a division
merely because of the presence of a quote. Is there a reason I'm not

2. A tangential issue is styling "paragraphs" consistently in the final
HTML. The tei.css file specifies:

p, div.p {
 margin-top: 0.3em;

This ensures that the margin-top of <div> elements created from what
were originally paragraphs is going to be the same as that of <p>
elements. So far so good. However, all other settings could differ. In
Firefox, for instance, I found that margin-bottom for <p> is 16px but 0
for <div>, and since the div.p selector does not override it, then <div
class="p"> also gets 0. 

The upshot is that from a user's perspective, various elements which are
all paragraphs in the TEI source would, mysteriously, be rendered
differently in the browser.

Thank you,