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>> <term ref="http://.�..""> seems like the right one to me (see note at bottom of <term key=""> is a
>> (sort of) deprecated short cut for that.  @corresp would  imply that what you point at is the same as this <term> in some way. I find myself at a loss
>> to decide whether this is appropriate or not
> Isn't it ("what you point is the same as this") the case when we're using a controlled vocabulary for assigning a term to a portion/point of the text?

yes, I agree. I can't discriminate between @ref and @corresp here

> And about key, I couldn't find anything in that address but about deprecating cRef and target attributes. So, please add this information to that location as well.

the reason I mentioned it is that the deprecation of @key is an ongoing action at the TEI Council. it may yet not come to pass, but the idea
is to recommend use of various URI schemas on @ref in place of @key.

> What do you think about using <idno> inside the <term>? Do you think that using the ref attribute is the best practice in this regard?

i don't see any real advantage to that embedded <idno>

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