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> On 12/17/2012 10:54 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> we could make <graphic> a member of att. duration and so acquire @dur
> I suggest making <binaryObject> instead of <graphic> the member of att.duration.
fair point. can you make a ticket in Sourceforge?

>> i would suggest that for many people, encoding and embedding a sound file, and writing code to extract and decode it again, is fairly non-trivial. You can't do it in XSLT, for example, I think.
> Once saved as base64, the sound file is just a string. Once it got put into TEI, it would just be a text node and XSLT would have no problem with it, just as it has no problem with base64-encoded images in <binaryObject> now. And browsers can render base64-encoded sounds just as they do base64-encoded images.
oh, can they? I am behind the times.

> By the way, whose face is that encoded in the <binaryObject> example in the Guidelines?

Charles Goldfarb, at a wild guess.

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