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>A lot of this discussion is more advanced than I am, so I'll speak as a more lay practitioner. And I apologize to Saeed if I distract from his original questions

I'm really grateful for participating in this topic. This list discussions are all more advanced than I am, and I'm really grateful to all participants for accepting some discussion with a beginner like me.

>In my encoding of materials with related or integral images and audio materials, I prefer to use a pointing mechanism rather than embed actual binary objects / files into my XML. For example, with an oral history, we see the transcript and the audio recording as two files that work together. 

In the case of transcription of an speech it seems feasible to point from a newly composed object (the transcription) to the source object, but I think that it may be better to use more appropriate mechanisms in the guidelines (the transcription of speech part) to do that, because we make a claim in any pointing about a referring from the text to another object. Also, I think that if we want to use more general approaches, it'll be better to use a note which refers the reader from that point to an specified audio file. Your suggestion is also a good practice for cases where we want to talk about a sample or example.

Again I should thank you for sharing your experience here.

Best regards, Saeed