Happy Holidays TEI community!

I am a graduate student at the University of Victoria, learning TEI through work on a project to encode the poetry of Audrey Alexandra Brown. In the course of this work, I have become interested in the use of TEI for literary criticism. My colleague Katie Tanigawa and I are hoping to begin work on a paper exploring the possibilities and limitations of TEI for marking up criticism and interpretation. Although I'm aware that all markup can be considered interpretive, I'm particularly interested in the kind of interpretation that we generally associate with literary studies (e.g., identifying how space might be gendered in one of Brown's poems). 

My first question to you all is whether you have encountered projects that have used TEI for literary criticism or interpretation. If so, how did they go about it and what were the results?

Second, when (if ever) have you used the <interp> tag and @ana attribute and for what purposes? 

I'm really look forward to hearing your responses! Thanks so much in advance!

Jana Millar Usiskin
Graduate Student and RA
English Department
University of Victoria
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