Some of you may recall I asked a few weeks back for help with Java to fix some features
of OxGarage, the generic TEI <---> XXX conversion web service. Thanks to some
advice (thanks, Hugh and Arno), I was able to make changes to OxGarage so that
it can now support generation of RELAX NG Compact and W3C schemas. Huzzah!

Having got that far, I decided to clean up the OxGarage source so that it
no longer has a dependency on the older Vesta project, and has all
the source code it needs to build much more cleanly. Huzzah!

You can find OxGarage :
 * live at
 * in Sourceforge Subversion at
 * as a Debian package from

Ah, but there's more. The revised OxGarage means that it is now possible
to cover all the work done by a Roma processor (turning TEI ODD into
various output formats) solely using RESTful web service calls. For example,
using Javascript.

Which brings me to Byzantium, proof of concept for a new Roma built
entirely in Javascript. Huzzah, huzzah!

... and thats the subject of my next mail to the list.
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