Dear Martin (cc TEI-L),

Thank you for the scarily quick response!

> You can get some of the way with a text that has been annotated with POS tags. 
> You can just look for POS sequences that you expect in this kind of construction. 
> It's a pretty crude way to go, but it's relatively cheap and easy.

I may not have explained the situation clearly, but the problem isn't so much the POS information as representing the syntactic (e.g., subject, object) and thematic (e.g, agent, patient) properties and relationships. POS is part of that story, since it determines to some extent the applicable categories (e.g., a finite verb form isn't going to be an agent), but I also need some guidance in determining what a sentence would look like that was marked up in TEI to include morphological, syntactic, and thematic information?