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> > It turns out cooking food by boiling it is very recent, coinciding with
> > the start of civilization.
> This may be an offtopic, but I'd say that boiling, and especially cooking
> food by boiling, is a process that requires some sophisticated 
> instruments. Stone-age cultures boil the water by throwing hot stones in
> the water-skins. But this technique is not well-suited for soups and 
> porridges.

There is stone soup. One old version of this very well known folk story
told by the Daine of Withwandie involves just that technique. Although they
do certainly have pottery and metal cooking vessels, when travelling, they
often use a leather cooking bag and some nice round stones. The story runs
largely the same, except that the travellers aren't carrying a copper pot,
but in stead have one of these cooking bags.

> One should first invent at least pottery to make boiling possible.