George Corley
I had this long reply to you and then I realized something when I woke up this morning...
Anyone that thinks what you think and holds what you said about there being a fundamental difference between Language and "animal communication" is uneducated and should be ashamed to hold such an illogical and backward idea as accurate. Any college and school that has you as a graduate should equally be ashamed to have not been able to teach such simple and basic concepts such as evolution and logic. Further, any one in the linguistics field should be doubly ashamed if they hold and/or teach something that is so blatantly idiotic, illogical, backwards, and doesn't make any at all from a linguistics point of view. 

And if it is indeed your entire field that holds such an opinion the entire educated world should be embarrassed to let such nonsense persist in the modern world.

As to "taking our advice" I can list about 20-22 pieces of advice and suggestions About 18 of which are bad or other irrelevant, about 5 of which are about money, a few that are immoral, and 2 that I can think of off the top of my head that I'm going to use. That is not something that ignorant people and people who do not listen would even know and it not what troll would say or do. 

But no no you are right, I'm an uneducated fool who's just being ignorant and trolling you all. I don't want compatriots, but slaves to do my bidding, and this is because I hate all of you. That is why I am doing this I hate you. That makes the most perfect sense ever. 

If anyone has anything relevant to say to me feel free to email me directly. I don't think I'll be dealing with these trite uneducated experts of language.