@Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets

Meant registered copyright.

By capitalization I am not referring to some legal term. I'm referring to the ability to make money. Monetization.

I'm fairly certain I have a decent understanding of copyright law as it is a part of business law and I did fairly well in that class ^.^ but it's been a while so yes i may have some confused.

You are confusing what I meant in the last paragraph. It is not if ARE making money, but rather ABILITY TO make money.

Of course there is also the holding copyrights in multimedia thing which I'm not sure how it would apply to language. Written and spoken is clearly different mediums so it is possible that that one can hold a patent on the written language prevent someone from using it in a book, but not on the spoken language so that people can use it in, say, a video. Or reverse.