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> So... would anyone be willing to help me with this project?

Hi Matthew!

I would like to tell You shortly about the world of Tae.

The genre to which Tae belongs is hard to define. A space stone age
cyberpunk science fantasy is the closest. It takes place in a parallel
universe, where the single Sun looks like a giant glowing wire stretching
through the space.

There are many planets that orbit Sun in their weird trajectories, for due
to the form of Sun the gravitation force is proportional to the first
inverse power of the distance, not the second. The planets also not just
rotate, but rather spiral along Sun - again, due to its form.

There are many "human" races that live on the planets. Interestingly, the
planets are quite small in comparison to "humans" - just about several
hundred km or even less in diameter if we take the average "human" growth
to be between 1.5 and 2 meters. However, for some "unknown" reason they
have nearly the same reasonable gravitation and support nearly the same

The "humans" of Tae are very unlike us. They are humanoids, but with
features of dinosaurs, insects, funghi, flowers and I'm still not sure what
else - since yesterday probably string musical instruments. But they live
in a non-existent parallel universe that has no idea about our own, so for
them they are perfectly the only known and the only true humans.

When I say "races" of "humans" in Tae, I mean that they can interbreed.
Yet, every planet has shaped its own kin of "humans". There are hairy Ntkhe
from the rocky Humgolor, the greatest empire of the "present"; the Zhatar
from Erchool, the greatest empire of the past; semi-nautical Ollo-oryo from
the sunken world Yo-ollo-llee; Ts'sqii from the jungle-covered  Ts'qyyri,
with their feathers colored in all the shades of Sun. There were races like
Fuari, the first spacefarers, and Yuu, the very first empire, whose planets
have spiraled away from the *known* world many centuries ago, but whose
heritage is still more than sound. There are mysterious Tae Rao, the very
first race that was said to live in the space-dragons Tae Ni (well, not
precisely dragons, since they look more like longish giant glowing
anomalocaris), and there are Tiwari, which are more a women-order that a
race, who preserved the knowledge after the first great collapse. There
were and are many others, of which I still know nearly nothing.

And then there are Tae Ni, and their hearts - small stones of different
shapes that can glow, heat, move objects, be used for communication around
far distances and many more, and therefore are more important for the
civilizations of "humans" than all energy resources and metals together are
for ours. And so "humans" hunt Tae Ni. And Tae Ni hunt humans. But there is
a far deeper connection between "humans" and Tae Ni, and Sun, and small
firebugs which glow in the skies of planets, and the world of Tae.

I've had this idea seven years ago, when I was still an undergrad.
Actually, we started it with a close friend of mine, who then lost
interest, and then also contact with me. After that, I'm doing everything
on my own.

From the very beginning, we wanted to trace the history of Tae through the
span of around 1500 "years" (if we take the span of "human" life being
equal in average to the lifespan of a human). With the small agressive
tribes of Fuari spreading the spacefaring knowledge among often more
advanced nations. With the rise of Yuu, the first collapse and the birth of
Tiwari and the new world. With Erchool coming into power and then sinking
into fanatic religious civil war, and Humgolor becoming its rival.

We wanted to create this cultures in such a way, that no one would be able
to say: "Hey, look, these are elves and those are Chinese", so I (yes, most
of the time just I) was mixing all the cultures I know until I lost the
traces of origins myself. And I presume I rather succeeded in what I wanted
to achieve.

And, of course, we wanted to make languages for them. At least for some of
them. Any of them. And I still haven't proceeded even an inch toward the
silent language of Tiwari, the universal scholar language of the world of
Tae, which is never pronounced, or, at least, is spoken using the words of
the mothertongue of the speaker.

All these years sicne my friend have lost interest I wanted someone to
collaborate with me, to help me. But after the years of struggle that bore
me just a pair of short tales subject to correction, I learned that the
other people that do conworlding and conlang for they conworlds have gone
and are going the same long way. There is so much to do in our dream
worlds, that we'd have abandoned them if we were not loving them so much.

I have actually started a side project. In a team. From scratch - that is
important. It's a more familiar universe, a sci-fi with homo sapience
living on different *more normal* planets and evolved to the unique races.
I'm responsible for 2.5 races out of 7 right now, and my Janjarin project
belongs to this universe. I'm working on Janjarin for about a year already,
when I have time and will. Several weeks ago I finally was able to find the
general paradigm for word conjugation in pre-proto-Janjarin, the scheme of
its evolution to the modern Janjarin, and updated the modern Janjarin's
grammar. I don't have a single word in this language right now, but it's my
most elaborated project.

Now if You ask us if we want to collaborate with You on Your world, I'd
probably ask You whether You want to collaborate on the languages of The
World with Padraic Brown? Or on Old Albic with Jörg Rhiemeier. Or with
Nicole Valicia-Thompson on her Yemoran. Or the other's worlds' languages -
sorry people, I just name the ones I'm sort of more familiar with. Or, in
the end, with me, on the tongues of Tae?

But don't get me wrong, please. I'm writhing this long post not to
discourage You. In fact people here, if I'm allowed to say this, *we* are
willing to help You as we help each other (tough I'm mostly on the
receiving side). We are willing to share experience. That's what the list
was created for, more than 15 years before I've joined it. But I just
wanted to say that our little big worlds are as dear for us as Yours is for
You. Therefore I won't expect anyone like David Peterson to work on *my*
languages unless I write something like George Martin.

Or unless I make everything from scratch with free flow of ideas.
However, now, with a fantasy, a scifi and a pre-steampunk universes at
hand, plus research, plus teaching, I'm not sure I'll be willing to start
anything new right now. Sorry.

But You may always ask me, and I will always be willing to share what I
know with You. And I think the same holds for more wise and experienced
people here on the list. I regard it as a very good deal of help, at least
so it is for myself.

I wish You the best luck with you project! Let it give You as much joy as

Take care!