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> > To which the next point someone falls is "Yeah well I can do
> > what you're doing" which the Artists claiming the writer has
> > no skill and whatever skill said writer does have it can
> > easily be matched by the artist as if drawing a picture
> > automatically qualifies a person as a good writer. The
> > entire world of creative people seems to be rife with mostly
> > these types of people.
> Well, I haven't seen anyone insult you or your skills as of yet. (Nor have
> I seen any of your skills in action, so comment in that regard either!) If
> this sort of thing happens in general, I can't really speak to that. As I
> said elsewhere, you have clearly stated that constructing languages is not
> your forte. I would take that as an admission of insufficient skill. And
> also as I said elsewhere, I (as a potential reader of your work)
> appreciate when the author knows his own skills well enough to know when
> to ask for help.

This one insulting could have been me. Here is the citation from my mail:

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> Now you want us to write not even a funfic on... what? After many years of
> learning history, mythology, art, techs, languages, linguistics, biology,
> physics, cosmology, often to the detriment to my primary occupation, I
> think I can produce such worlds in dozens a week. And I'm still no more
> than an apprentice here, who stands in awe before the giants.

This may indeed sound insulting from me. Especially since
I'm over-exaggerating my capabilities, that's a sad truth. Yet, I wanted to
emphasize that - though there indeed a good deal of work have been put into
creating a timeline and assembling all these races and their relations, I
really did sketches similar to presented one within about a week on
relatively free evenings. And yes, I cannot show them: these sketches
remain in lost worksheets some 2000 km away from my place.

I admit that it requires an effort to create something even from ready
parts - which goblins, demons, werewolves, centaurs, yeti etc seem to me to
be. I admit that adding some quirks to these races is even more work. I
admit that one may create a masterpiece out of ready parts. And, finally,
I'm *not* presuming right away that any person I'm encountering for the
first time in my live  *doesn't* these abilities. In fact, I've written it
right away before the text cited above:

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 11:45 PM, Nikolay Ivankov <[log in to unmask]>
>  wrote:


> I despise "standard" races, but I believe there are people around that can
> create a world where these races would still be interesting, and You may
> well be one of those genial guys - no kidding.

Here I say about my tastes, I may choke on them , and also there is always
de gustibus rule. But how do we know how much is it beyond the sketch? I've
made my googling on the artwork of Mr. Merlo. Unfortunately I found
nothing, and I'm not willing to google more deeply. Maybe I've went off my
presumption of geniality this time, but AFAIR there were already
suggestions to give an example of the work by other people.

Finally, all my words may sound unfair, of course. I haven't proved my own
abilities in any way, and everything I do in this e-mail is justifying my
boor actions. But if a proof is needed, I'm willing to take a challenge.

Let's say, 7 fantasy races, chosen randomly from a list of more or less
standard ones (I think there would be several dozens of them) by anyone. I
have a week on Christmas holidays to come up with a sketch, either spanning
about three generations with a list of protagonists or around
a millennium with just nations - again on the choice of anyone. No unique
artifacts, vague geography, maybe some weird characteristics of races from
my side. Some language history is also possible. Можно грабить корованы.
Since I'm going to give a long list of races for choice, and am willing to
have suggestions if there are some I'd have forgotten, there is not much
space for me to cheat.

This may mean that I'm sort of spoiling my holidays by making what I don't
really like for nothing, but I'm sure that rudeness should be at least
substituted by evidence of something behind it, even if it's *my own*

The rest is snipped, for it has nothing to do with my indiscretion.

Thank everyone for your patience when seeing so much of off-topic from me
the last days! I really do appreciate it!

Best wishes to everyone!