The Oa have traditionally regarded their language as the ursprach, and
since Oasa is the most widespread representative of one of the more
successful language families on the planet, that's an understandable claim.
 Their traditional archenemies to the north (now allies, though pushed up
and eastward to the regions that are, in our world, the eastern part of
Canada and the US east of the Mississippi) speak an unrelated (and
currently unnamed or invented) language.  Traditionally, of course, they
were sneered at as barbarians who spoke gibberish.

Currently, though, the Oa have a fully developed scientific method and have
applied it to the study of language.  They have reconstructed Proto-Oasa
and understand their their language is just one derivation from it out of
many.  Just like in our word, people ignorant of the science might make odd
claims or assumptions, but educated Oa know that there's no inherent
primacy in their language.

On Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 11:10 AM, Nikolay Ivankov <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> The thing like "English is a Scandinavian Language" is by far not an
> exception. There are many people in Russia that claim Russian to be an
> Ursprache, that gave rise Sanskrit, and then Etruscan and Latin as its
> creole. The later thing is so popular that I've heard this version from a
> history professor on an official lecture he gave to us, 1st grade math
> students then, and went into movies.
> This thing is, of course, not new. One German manuscript of, FWIR, XV
> century claims that "Adam sei duitses mann", i.e. that German was the
> language of Adam and Eve. This "fact" is laid into the basis of the
> "conclusion", that everyone speaking other languages (in particular
> Romance) would be said guilty in the End of Times, at least for falling off
> from a "true language".
> All these attempts seem to give people self-assurance: if we are not
> superior de facto, then we should be superior by definintion, and that's
> precisely why "everyone is against us".
> Do your concultures exploit this idea. Does any of your conculture claims
> that the others "speak a variant/bastard of our lang" just because they are
> in an inferior position?

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