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> Typical Hollywood ignorance about the South. While having a Yankee
> ancestor is unfortunate, it would not disqualify her from membership
> in the DOC. And having Jewish ancestry would be utterly irrelevant.
> Over 10000  Southern Jews fought for the Confederacy and several Jews
> held high government offices in the CSA as well as high ranks in the
> army.  Oh and Southern Jewish soldiers were free to practice their
> faith while Northern Jewish soldiers found their army far less
> accomodating.

It's not a given that an organization would know this or care, even if it
has Confederacy in the title.  My guess is that they were depicting the
group as being mildly white supremacist, and other white supremacist groups
(such as the KKK) will attack Jews as well as racial minorities.

Daughters of the Confederacy is a real group, by the way (
 Wikipedia says nothing about blocking Jewish members, so I'll presume they
probably don't as a rule.  It's possible to imagine a local chapter doing
it -- in fact, if they indeed allow someone to be "black-balled" it would
only take one person's irrational prejudice to block someone.  In the end,
I'm sure it's just a joke some writer didn't think too much about.

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> > That would be rather awkward, since "white pride" is often synonymous
> with
> > "white supremacist".  Of course, there have been prominent KKK members
> who
> > later found out that they had a small amount of black ancestry.
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> >
> > Those familiar with the American sitcom "Golden Girls" may remember the
> > episode wherein Blanche, the southern belle, tried to enter an
> organization
> > called the Daughters of the Confederacy.  She was blackballed because
> one of
> > her grandfathers was a Jew from Buffalo!
> >
> > Charlie
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